Islamabad, 1 April 2022: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressing a press conference at Zardari House Islamabad has said that the country is in a quagmire of crises, be it foreign affairs, financial or political. In this situation, our responsibility is to help the country emerge from these crises. The prime minister has been defeated. He is acting like a batsman who has been clean bowled but is crying and does not want to leave the field. Running the country is not a game of cricket. He is not accepting his defeat but it does not mean that he hasn’t lost. The actions the prime minister is taking in his last days are an attack on institutions. Such actions harm the country. Imran Khan is a habitual liar. We had announced our no-confidence long before it was submitted. We had decided in our CEC meeting in January. Did we know at that time that Imran Khan will visit Russia? Did we know at that time that Russia will attack Ukraine? Imran should tell as much ie as people can digest.
Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that first, this man called the no-confidence a gift by the opposition but later termed it a conspiracy. Imran had an honourable way to quit but he did not. He should face the no-confidence in the assembly. No one should play with the future of the country. He should not create a clash or constitutional crisis by any of his actions. Chairman PPP hoped that there would be no contempt of court.
Chairman PPP said that prime minister did not fulfil a single responsibility while in power. The economic crisis is increasing by the day. The so-called letter is an internal diplomatic cable. The Speaker should come to his senses as we are progressing towards the restoration of democracy. If we want political and economic stability, then the only way to achieve those is through the success of the no-confidence. The election should be held after the electoral reforms. We can solve the problems with the people’s mandate. We hope that no un-democratic means will be adopted during the voting on the no-confidence. If the Speaker delays Sunday’s session on any pretext, he will be charged under Article 6. The Supreme Court has also given clear instructions regarding the no-confidence process. We hope that the Speaker will not commit contempt of court.
Responding to questions by the journalists, Chairman Bilawal said that instructions that have been given by the KP chief minister amount to subverting the constitution. The public representatives who act according to these instructions will also be charged with Article 6. These audio leaks show that he was not suitable for his post.
Regarding a question about Punjab, he said that the PPP is with joint opposition and a meeting of the parliamentary party will be held. Chairman PPP said that the government did not inform the opposition of the meeting of National Security Committee on time. The government wanted to hold the meeting in the hall of the national assembly but the opposition thwarted its effort. Imran Khan is using the National Security Committee for his political interests. He should have not used this forum for his personal political gains.
Responding to a question, Chairman Bilawal said that Modi had come to Nawaz Sharif whereas Imran had gone to Modi when he was in opposition. Imran Khan use to appreciate Modi. He was praying for Modi’s success in elections and was behaving like his chief polling agent. Whenever Imran is in trouble, he looks towards India. He used to say that Modi would resolvethe Kashmir issue. Now, he is saying that the Indian foreign policy is independent.
Chairman PPP said that Imran Khan made the CPEC disputed. His two ministers accused the Chinese companies of being involved in corruption and tried to sabotage the CPEC. Imran Khan did everything to appease the US in Afghanistan. He was acting like a mini-Trump. When he came back from the US, he claimed to have won the second world cup. The foreign policy of Pakistan was compromised during Imran’s government.
During PPP’s government, when our troops were martyred, President Zardari and the Parliament stood for the country. We disconnected the NATO supplies and demanded of them to apologize to the Pakistani nation. We were pressurized to become a part of the Arab Spring during our government. We had said at that time that we are neutral. President Zardari was told by the then US Vice President, Joe Biden that “you are standing on the wrong side of history”. Afterwards he admitted to President Zardari that Zardari Sahib was right not to join Arab Spring. It is very easy to say ‘Absolutely Not’ in an interview. Regarding the so-called letter, Chair PPP said that if the letter was so grave a matter, then Imran should have raised the issue at that time. He should have not waited until the no-confidence motion. Imran Khan should have learnt from Usman Buzdar and resigned which was the only honourable exit for him.

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