Today, we are doing the owner’s review of the Toyota Tundra. This specific one is the XK50 2007 model and 2nd generation, which had, three body styles, three engine displacements and 31 variants. The car has a 5.7L V8 Dual VVT-i engine producing 381hp and is paired with 6-Speed Triptronic Transmission.

Salient Features 

As per the owner, the car has all the modern basic and safety features, including ABS, traction control, electronically powered steering, and airbags.


The owner told us that the first generation of Tundra gave a pickup truck look; 2nd generation was very muscular and aggressive, while the third generation has modern vibes. “I only wanted 3rd generation Toyota Tundra because it has crew cabin and it is full body size,” the owner said, adding that the color of this car is also his favorite.

The owner has done some modifications in the car, including car paint, suspension, and exhausts. “The original color of this car was gun metallic, but I changed it to taffeta white, then I replaced its stock suspension with ARV one with a 4-inch lift,” he told us.

Then the owner has installed wheel spacers to give a bulkier look to the truck.


Although the owner replaced its suspension and faced a bit of stability issue, the car is still very stable at high speed. “I have driven this car at very high-speed on highways and never has faced a problem,” he stated.

The car has dual-zone climate control with rear vents. And the owner is completely satisfied with its performance, even in the summers of Hyderabad.


This Tundra has stock left-hand drive, although right-hand drive models are available in the global market. “If the car is LHD, always drive it on the left side because driving on the right side makes it hard to align it with the footpath,” the owner shared some critical information.

Storage Spaces 

The car has a lot of storage spaces in the whole interior. “There are spaces under the giant armrest, roof, doors, and seats. “This is a proper utility truck, and you will find storage space everywhere,” the owner told us.

Regarding the car’s bed, the owner said its length is 5.5-feet. “I used to move my heavy and sports bikes on it to remote areas for off-roading,” he stated.


The owner believes that this is a maintenance-free trunk as he regularly does its periodic maintenance, including oil change, filters replacement, fuel inject cleaners, and replacing brake pads. “I haven’t needed its spare parts yet, but its parts are available at PakWheels Auto Store and local market,” he said, adding that he ordered its backlights from PakWheels and got a good deal and price.

Resale Value

Talking about this aspect, the owner said this car has a very limited but very passionate fan following. “Not everybody will buy such cars, but the people who love these will always be ready to buy these,” the owner said. He further said he started receiving offers the day he bought this machine. “All in all, this car has excellent resale value, and you don’t have to wait for buyers,” he said. However, he mentioned that owners of such cars do not usually sell them unless extremely essential.

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