If you needed any more proof that BTS‘s Jin is “Worldwide Handsome”, here it is!




A user experience researcher from Start-up Health in Ireland, Nick Paxson, studied the similarities between Jin and the bust of the Greek god Zeus in Altemps. Using a neural network algorithm, it was found that they have similar facial features.

The neural network algorithm provides the most accurate face recognition possible, extracts the unique features of each face, and stores them in a database. The system can then compare the features of each face.

— Nick Paxson


Wikimedia Commons


The positions of Jin’s eyes, nose, and lips showed a strong resemblance to the classical sculpture.


Nick Paxson


The photos taken were divided into five equal parts vertically and three equal parts horizontally. With his symmetrical features, Jin could be called the “embodiment of beauty” based on his similarities to the Greek god.


| Nick Paxson


It was Jin’s face that the algorithm found the most similar to Zeus after collecting samples from 648 modern celebrities.


| Nick Paxson


According to the researcher himself, “It is amazing that the statue of Zeus from centuries ago seems like a bust made of the perfect features of Seokjin.”

This is not the first time Jin was hailed as a perfect beauty based on data. He was previously crowned “World’s Most Perfect Face” by Dutch visual arts team Sluis Painting, and in 2018 a plastic surgeon noted how he has a 1:1.618 “golden ratio” measurement.

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