Wild birds don’t usually interact with people, and they often fly away if they hear even the slightest noise. However, Michigan-based photographer Jocelyn Anderson has a special knack for getting close to timid feathered friends. She’s known for her stunning photos of birds in their natural habitats. And while she’s talented at capturing still images, Anderson also shoots slow-motion videos of birds eating right out of the palm of her hand.

From a red-bellied woodpecker to a tufted titmouse, Anderson captures a large variety of hungry birds. She simply holds out a handful of peanuts and sunflowers seeds and waits for the birds to come to her. Each video showcases the beauty and elegance of the winged creatures as they fly towards her and perch on her hand. Each bird is captured happily snacking on the seed before they fly off again.

Anderson first picked up a camera when she received one as a birthday gift. “I began taking pictures while tootling around on nature trails,” she recalls. “I’ve always been drawn to birds and am constantly learning more about them; their calls, their personalities, and—with the help of a telephoto lens—the finer details of their feathers.”

Check out Anderson’s slow-motion bird videos below, and find more from her portfolio on Instagram and YouTube.

Bird photographer Jocelyn Anderson captures slow-motion videos of birds eating from her hand.

The incredible footage showcases the beauty and elegance of the winged creatures as they fly, perch, and snack.

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All images via Jocelyn Anderson Photography.

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